Good Neighbor Fund

The Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund (WGNF) believes that Waterbury’s strength as a community depends on all of us being neighborly. Sometimes that means a no-strings attached gift to get us through tough times.

Getting Help
If you need some help, please ask for it! The Fund is here for all of our neighbors. Please call 244-6606 and, if no one answers, leave a message on the church machine, and someone will get back to you. Please be aware that the committee does the week’s distributions on Friday morning.  Checks will be written each week for all approved requests on the Friday after you make the request.

Giving Help
For the past several years, the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund has given away between $10,000 and $12,000.  We can only do that because of your generosity.  If you’d like to donate please click on the donate tab where you can donate via PayPal or you can find instructions for sending a check.